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On Wings of a Lion

Debut historical thriller
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In September of 1978 I was in Iran producing a TV commercial package for Boeing Aircraft and was an eyewitness to the first harrowing days of Khomeini’s Revolutionary Guard’s bloody takeover. Vivid memories haunted me when I returned to the states until I said, enough! I’m writing this story. My previous writing was for an episodic CBS network TV series, Hawaii Five O. Wanting to switch from screenwriting to fiction I attended the UCLA writers program and the advanced writer’s program at UCI and am currently part of an extended writers critique group.


The Persian Glories Saga trilogy is available for 

representation in all fields. The first book, On Wings of a Lion can be found on Amazon Books, Apple Books, and Barnes and Nobel ebooks. 

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On Wings of a Lion

The Persian Glories

Below the Crescent Moon

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"Smartly penned by Susan Wakeford Angard and riddled with surprising characters and angular twists and turns, ON WINGS OF A LION is both an enticing narrative and a packed introduction to colliding worlds. Depth of character, in particular, stands out... Iran is often seen as a conservative and conflicted country, but Susan Wakeford Angard’s ON WINGS OF A LION gives it a modern, sexy twist, with love interests playing key roles in colorful and enthralling character development, exploring its landscape and power dynamics."

"On Wings of a Lion is a debut novel that far surpasses expectations... The writing is sublime, with the setting of Iran so exquisitely explored that you can hear the sounds, see the incredible historic sights, and even smell the Persian cooking..."


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"The book reads quickly, and Angard’s descriptions of a vanished Iran are captivating: 'Before them lay an oasis of beauty and repose, fragrant with roses, geraniums, pomegranates, orange trees, and myriad flowers stretching ahead like a magic carpet...this was Technicolor with textures, silky, veined, transparent and vivid.' Action scenes are well conceived and engaging."

"Susan Wakeford Angard’s thrilling historical romance On Wings of a Lion unfolds amid heart-pumping action in revolutionary Iran...The story opens with pulsating action that draws a stark contrast between the life-or-death drama of Anthony Evans’s narrow escape and the superficial interpretation of survival in Hollywood. The location of Kathryn Whitney's project results in an enthralling and tangled web of intrigue and conflicting motives, and the drama never lets up."

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"Angard does an excellent job in delivering a thoroughly sprawling thriller with realistic dialogue that brings a large cast of characters to life while managing to bestow harrowing scenes of Iran at the time of the revolution where chaos, violence, and evil were the order of the day. What really adds to the novel's terrific narrative drive and power is that these characters come with quite a mixture of their own personal stories, surprises, mysteries, secrets, conflicts, sufferings, agendas, betrayals and grudges which commands our attention like lightning and thunder from just over the horizon. If you like super-charged thrillers with nightmarish plot twists, mind-blowing action scenes, and some racy romantic encounters, you no doubt will enjoy On Wings Of A Lion."

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Norm Goldman: If On Wings Of A Lion could be turned into a movie, who would you want to play Kathryn and Anthony?

Susan: Alicia Vikander, Margot Robbie, or Brie Larson for Kathryn. To play Anthony, Michael Fassbender, Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill, or Alexander Skarsgård. Amr Waked and Ashraf Barhom popped into my mind to play Houdin. Who would you pick?

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Thriller, romance, and historical fiction readers are in for a treat with On Wings of a Lion because Susan Wakeford Angard traverses these genres with an authoritative attention to detail, creating a sweeping drama that promises high-octane action right from its opening lines... In the wake of the Iranian revolution and the interactions of secret police and clever adversaries, Kathryn and Anthony become swept up not only in each other, but in circumstances far greater than either their individual or shared pursuits. Mysterious crown jewels, betrayal, threats to love and life—what could be more compelling?

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